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A family-oriented festival in valley
WELL over 3000 people are expected to visit the La Dolce Vita festival this weekend. [more]
Changes ring at council
COUNCIL meetings could be held earlier in the day, under a plan being floated by Rural City of Wangaratta administrators. [more]
Frost bites crops
THE cost of frost bitten grain crops in the North East has run into millions of dollars. [more]
Device gives Kyle real independence
WHIPPING up a quick pasta dish is now one of Kyle Cogan’s favorite pastimes, a task that was only recently well beyond him. [more]
Cathy almost there
VOICE4Indi Independent Cathy McGowan is on the cusp of claiming an historic victory in the battle for Indi. [more]
Counting error rocks Indi race
A SIMPLE mistake of writing a 1 instead of a 2 on a box may have changed the Indi election result. [more]
Marginal count
SOPHIE Mirabella will have to pull back a deficit of 759 votes if she is to keep her seat of Indi. [more]
Cathy has her nose in front, for now
THERE were just 1754 votes in it when Indi’s two candidate-preferred counting finished yesterday. [more]
Election day has arrived
THOUSANDS of voters will line up at 20 different schools and halls around Wangaratta today. [more]
Staff issues are the subject of a private council meeting
COUNCILLORS will address staffing issues at a private meeting this evening. [more]
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