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Bishop welcomes vote, notes ‘holy’ distinction
WANGARATTA Anglican Bishop John Parkes has welcomed Australia’s overwhelming support of same sex marriage... [more]
Euthanasia prospect given a life line
THE prospect of Victoria becoming the first state in Australia to introduce voluntary euthanasia laws remains alive. [more]
Win for environment
SINGLE-USE plastic bags will be banned across Victoria as part of $30.4 million in the 2017/18 State Budget to improve the ways we manage waste [more]
Right of choice
WANGARATTA state MP Tim McCurdy (MLA, Ovens Valley) said he voted against the assisted dying legislation because of concerns over the Bill, not on religious [more]
MP fuels public energy model
CATHY McGowan (MHR, Indi) has called on the Federal Government, as it grapples with national energy strategy and security, to recognise the potential of community [more]
Government buy-in sought
CATHY McGowan (MHR) was still buoyed with enthusiasm a day after the Federal Government Inquiry into Regional Development and Decentralisation public hearing in Wodonga on [more]
Gas to ease energy crisis
THE Victorian Liberal Nationals’ newly unveiled policy to address our state’s energy crisis will protect Victorian jobs and industry, and bring down household bills, [more]
Super reforms not enough
FEDERAL Independent MP Cathy McGowan (MHR, Indi) has sought further government action on the superannuation “emergency” affecting Indi people. [more]
$2B gun club risk
AN Australian leader in environmental consulting, who compiled the contamination report for a Wangaratta gun club, has warned that implementation of impractical government frameworks could [more]
Matter of conscience
SEEKING a range of community views is vital in the lead-up to a conscience vote on the State Government’s voluntary euthanasia Bill, according to [more]
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