MONDAY’S PEOPLE: Marathon effort for Mum Lisa

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FAMILY LIFE: Lucy, Harrison and Sam (right) Allen with mum Lisa McInerney in their family kitchen, cooking up a storm. PHOTO: Kieren Tilly

WANGARATTA’S Lisa McInerney manages to juggle three kids, a food blog, her own chiropractic business, and runs marathons.

The 40 year old mother of Harrison, 10, Sam, 8 and Lucy, 4, leads a busy life, but manages to do it all.

“It’s busy but we juggle it,” she said.

“I get up really early most days to fit in everything before the kids have to go to school and then at night when they’re in bed so sometimes there’s not a lot of time for sleep in-between, which I’m sure every parent experiences.

“The kids and I have quite a lot of food intolerances and allergies but we really like cake so, about six years ago, I started experimenting in the kitchen with different ingredients.

“I would tell my friends and family about it and they found it really interesting so I started putting my recipes online for a central place for people to find them and it just grew.

“I’ve always loved cooking for people; I show my appreciation, love and thanks with cake and the online recipes are like virtual hugs for people I can’t deliver a cake to.

“I’ve done a few cookbooks since and seen my recipes turned into amazing birthday cakes for kids with allergies which has been very cool.

“When you have three kids and work, it was also my way of communicating with the ‘outside world’ sometimes and having an opportunity to have my say without hearing ‘mum I’m hungry’.”

Along with looking after her kids and sharing her recipes, Lisa has worked as a chiropractor in Wangaratta for almost 17 years.

“In the last month I’ve started my own business and now I’m getting my own practice ready,” she said.

“I just turned 40 and my youngest is going to kinder so I’m looking at what is best for my family moving forward and the opportunity to came up to buy a building really close to home and school so it works from a family point of view for all of us.”

Lisa’s busy schedule doesn’t stop there though; she is also an eager marathon runner.

“I started running as a mental health thing; I could get out of my head and clear my mind and have time to myself,” she said.

“It was also about goals; when you work you know you’re doing a good or bad job because you’re boss tells you or you get a pay rise or something but as a parent there’s often no measuring stick for if you’re doing a good job.

“With running I could measure my success through distance goals; I started with 5km, then did a half marathon, then around my 38th birthday I’d run my first 50km marathon and told myself by 40 I’d run the 100km marathon in Anglesea.

“I’m not an amazing runner but I’m really stubborn and determined so during the 6-8 hour training days I learnt just to turn my brain off to the soreness because if you stopped every time you were sore you’d never keep going.

“In this 100km race we did the first 50km in around 6-7 hours and were feeling really excited and then it started raining and my watch died and we got to about 55km and everything was feeling down.

“I don’t remember anything specifically happening but I suddenly thought my foot felt funny and then my other foot started hurting so I turned my brain off to some pain.

“I was not in a good way when I finished and the next morning my foot was black and swollen so two days later it was x-rayed and I ended up with a broken foot in a moon boot for five weeks.

“Because I couldn’t do high impact training I took up swimming, then I took up riding so now I do triathlons.

“One thing I’ve learnt as a mum though is, success doesn’t have to look like a podium; success can be getting out the door in the morning.”

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