MONDAY’S PEOPLE: Kindness is the best medicine

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BETTER TO GIVE: Helen Lanham spent countless hours creating the beautiful works of art during Christmas last year.

DESPITE battling through a tough year in 2019, Helen Lanham continued to bring a smile to the face of others.

The Wangaratta resident is well known for creating beautiful handmade quilts for her local church, even while she was fighting breast cancer early last year.

“I do something every year, I’ve been doing this since 1991,” she said.

“It’s been something God put in my heart to do…this is just one way I can give back.”

Helen said she was incredibly grateful for beating the cancer and had kept herself busy during the ordeal by crafting the amazing quilts.

The kind gestures began when she was working in a canteen and started creating individual gifts for the mums involved.

“We used to do a morning tea but not everyone could come, so I felt they needed to be rewarded,” she said.

“Then I did a couple of churches and play groups…I was doing up to 200 different things and have never done the same thing yet.”

Helen began the quilts 10 years ago when she purchased a quilting machine and taught herself how to make them.

“It’s all done by hand and to make one it could take up to an hour,” she said.

Throughout the holiday period she also gave out puddings, homemade jams and donated her incredible quilt creations to mums involved at the Mainly Music program held at the Wangaratta Baptist Church.

“I realised I can do it for others without worrying about who or why you’re doing it… it’s because you want to do it,” she said.

Alongside the church, Helen also specifically creates quilts for terminally ill patients and volunteered her time at the emergency room department at Northeast Health Wangaratta.

“I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, it’s great I love it, I hope to get back there in February,” she said.

“Just knowing you’re able to help somebody, that’s really good.”

Helen said she doesn’t enjoy the praise or attention received for her generous acts, but would keep doing her work for as long as she could.

“Just showing love, that’s the big thing,” she said.

“That’s why you do it, not to get something back.”

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