MONDAY’S PEOPLE: Bek making dreams a reality

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AROUND THE GLOBE: Wangaratta local Bek Grincais is living her travelling dreams.

BEK Grincais is living her dreams.

The 22 year old sister to five siblings is currently back in Australia after a busy twelve months of travelling the world, plus studying to become a VET nurse and volunteering with the Wangaratta SES.

“Travelling has been more than just a dream for me; it’s been a goal, an ambition and a must for as long as I can remember,” she said.

“I bought my first money box when I was 12 and stashed away every cent I happened upon.

“Growing up in a country town I always wondered what was out there past the gumtrees and longed to find out.”

Bek has now travelled to England, Ireland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, New Zealand and around Australia.

“I travelled to Europe first as that was always at the top of my list; I wanted to see my roots and exist in a place so far from all I had ever known,” she said.

“So far this year we have already booked a trip to Japan in April and a trip to Vietnam in September but the bucket list is never ending.

“I hope to see South America, India, the Galapagos Islands and Egypt, just to name a few, I would also love to volunteer abroad in the near future.

“My favourite country so far was Iceland; I’m a little bias as that’s where I got engaged but the landscape was serene and the people so welcoming.

“It was in Iceland that I really felt like all of the hard work and commitment it took to get there had paid off- I was “living the dream”.

“Funnily enough the first week I ever spent overseas I hated.

“At the time it felt like a disaster; on the flight over the girl I was sitting next to threw up everywhere, I came down with the flu within the first few days, the bus we were travelling on was hit by a car and it was not the warm welcome I had expected.

“Like most adventures though you get through it and you’re often better for it; I now know to hope for the best but to expect the worst.

“Black water rafting in New Zealand was a huge highlight and jumping off a waterfall 70 metres below ground is an experience I’ll never forget.

“I think the moral of the story is that life gets busy, there are always bills to pay and things to do but you mustn’t lose sight of your dreams along the way.”

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