MONDAY’S PEOPLE: Annabel can count on accounting

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COUNTING TIME AWAY: Annabel Nolan has been a CPA for 30 years this year, a fact she didn’t realise until being contacted by CPA Australia. PHOTO: Mel Guy

ANNABEL Nolan’s career isn’t something everyone finds exciting.

The 52 year old mum of three has been an accountant with CPA Australia for 30 years this year and said she had always found it interesting through high school.

“I did business principles in year nine and 10 and then studied accounting in year 11 and 12 and I can still remember how it clicked with me,” she said.

“I really liked my accounting teacher and she encouraged me to do a Bachelor of Business, as did my Mum, even though I was also leaning towards a career in hospitality.

“I enjoy the mathematical side, the accuracy and the reporting; really the whole concept.

“It’s certainly got a lot of scope to get into an interesting industry.

“I’ve worked in a lot of different industries so if you pick an industry that you like it’s not as boring as some people think.

“For my first job I did tax accounting in Brisbane for six years before going over to London for two years and worked for a night club and a restaurant group, returned to Brisbane and did lots of contracting work with a golf club, another restaurant, went into government for a bit, a law firm and then came to Wangaratta.

“I moved to Wangaratta for family; my husband is from here but I met him while in London..I worked at the private hospital as the finance manager which was really rewarding and now I’m the payroll officer at Galen Catholic College where my three children go.

“When I was 25, halfway through my first job, I lost my hearing quite suddenly; I began to have difficulty hearing people over the phone, so I went to a specialist and got a brain scan and they said I’ve lost hearing in one ear and they didn’t know why.

“Five years later I lost hearing in my other ear and had to start wearing hearing aids which had a big impact on my life but I was lucky to live in a time where technology like hearing aids are available and most communication in my career is done through email now so I didn’t have to stop work.”

At the beginning of the month Annabel was invited to a ceremony with CPA Australia to recognise her 30 years in the career.

“I was caught by surprise; I didn’t realise my 30 years was coming up…I just received an email from CPA Australia inviting me to the ceremony which would mark my 30 years and also awarded new CPA’s.

“It was quite cool to be there 30 years later and see new people coming in and one CPA who’d clocked up 60 years.

“I feel amazed to have clocked up this many years, being a member has certainly strengthened my career along the way and has given me standards to work by.”

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