Protection plan implemented to reduce risk to Mt Buffalo Chalet


ASSET protection works have been undertaken at Mt Buffalo to protect critical infrastructure and other vital assets.

An asset protection plan has been implemented to protect the Mt Buffalo Chalet, Dingo Dell and Parks Victoria offices with more than 400 personnel deployed to the fire from a range of agencies.

Ovens incident controller Michael Masters said the works include the removal of fine fuels and flammable items around assets, activation of hydrant and sprinkler systems, and the filling of water tanks and the 300,000l swimming pool.

“The preservation of the life, of both residents and firefighters, remains our highest priority and will not be compromised,” Mr Masters said.

“The Chalet and other assets remain unimpacted by the fire, however the risk of active fire in the area will remain for some time.”

Lines of fire retardant, delivered by the Large Air Tanker (LAT), have been deployed around the chalet and other assets, while historical items of significance have been removed and placed in secure storage.

“We are acutely aware that the essential infrastructure and assets on Mt Buffalo are important to the community and emergency services,” he said.

“Our firefighters are committed to protecting these assets and understand the historical significance of the Chalet and its deep connection within the broader community.”

As of Friday, crews remained on the mountain with works undertaken at Dingo Dell, Lake Catani Campground and the Parks Victoria Office and Depot.

The Ovens Abbeyard, Yarrarbula fire is estimated to have burnt 90,000 hectares of predominately public land in the upper Ovens Valley.

Multiple fires were started by lightning on December 31 in the Abbeyard, Yarrarbula and Mt Buffalo areas which have now merged into one fire.

The fire has a perimeter of approximately 550 km and is being managed from the Ovens Incident Control Centre.

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