Mini cars pack a whole lot of muscle

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SLEEK LOOK: The XB mini muscle car prototype caught the attention of onlookers at Winton Motor Raceway at the weekend.

A NEW class of race car was tested at Winton over the weekend when a Mini Muscle Car hit the bitumen for the first time.

A prototype XB Coupe – scaled at 80 per cent original size – turned heads at Winton Motor Raceway when it did parade laps before the five Miniature Race Cars (MRC) series events.

The dynamic looking vehicle is complete with a 4.0 litre V8 aluminium engine, and the 6-speed sequential transaxle is geared to reach a top speed of up to 240kph.

Mini Muscle Cars developer Garry Roberts wase at the track to answer all questions about the car and how people can become involved.

JUST RIGHT: Car developer Garry Roberts doing the final gear box preparation works before the weekend’s run at Winton.

Mr Roberts said the plan is to run the Mini Muscle Cars as part of the Miniature Race Cars (MRC) series, an exciting addition series manager Chad Cotton and the Australian Motor Racing Series (AMRS) are right behind.

“Chad was completely blown away and said anything you blokes are involved in I’ll embrace it wholeheartedly,” Mr Roberts said.

“We went about building the first car after work and on weekends and here it is ready to show the world.

“They’re a full fibreglass body on a space frame chassis and the bodies are interchangeable from one model to another.”

Another model in production is the HQ Coupe, with plans to introduce other body styles in the future such as the Charger and XY GT.

Mr Roberts said the purchase and maintenance overheads of the Mini Muscle Cars will be very cost competitive.

Testing of the car will continue over the next six months and once all safety and reliability targets are met the cars will be put on the market.

The cars are currently operating under an Australian Auto Sport Alliance (AASA) sanctioned event as part of the AMRS.For more information email [email protected]

See below action from inside the car.


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