MONDAY’S PEOPLE: It’s not all in your head

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SHARING THEIR INSIGHTS: Locals Emilie Foote (left) and Steph Raphael are sharing their talks about mental health with as many people as they can. PHOTO: Leah Anderson-Byrne

CONVERSATIONS about mental health are still something many people struggle with having, but two Wangaratta women want to change that.

Although it’s somewhat of an odd passion, Emilie Foote and Steph Raphael have taken their dinner table talks about mental health and mental illness to the podcast world, with the aim of changing the way people look at mental health, and starting important conversations around mental illness.

The podcast ‘it’s not all in your head’, which posted its first episode on April 30, covers a broad range of topics linked to mental health and occasionally features mental health professionals as guest speakers.

“The main focus is to make sure everyone can start having conversations about mental health, whether they have a mental illness or not,” Emilie said.

“It’s a broad topic but we’re really trying to normalise talking about mental health and although we’re not health professionals at all, we have our own experiences with mental health and mental health issues that we can talk about.”

“Our natural habitat is talking to one another in a casual way with some humorous banter so by the second take of the first episode it was pretty easy and we even found we have to cap the limit of the topic because we talk forever.

“It’s been nice to capture the essence of who we are, and we want people to see us as two regular people and friends who want to talk about mental health.”

Each episode is around 30-40 minutes long and has so far covered topics like what is mental health and mental illness, the history of mental illness treatment, the importance of diagnosis, stigma and post-natal depression, imposter syndrome and self-care.

A recurring guest on the podcast is psychologist Richard Brown.

The pair have a long wish list of people they’d like to talk to, including Osher Gunsberg – the former Aussie reality TV host who has written a book, and has a podcast on his experience with mental illness.

Osher has responded to a message they sent and encouraged their efforts.

The insightful pair also encouraged anyone who wants to talk about their mental health experience to contact them.

You can find the podcast on all popular podcast platforms and on all social media under it’snotallinyourheadpod or similar.

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