MONDAY’S PEOPLE: No felines for Felicity

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WOMAN’S BEST FRIEND: Owner of The Doggy Diplomat Felicity Golding with her French bulldog Ralph PHOTO: Mel Guy

LOCAL dog lover Felicity Golding wants to bring out the best in your dog.

As a dog behaviour specialist, and business owner of The Doggie Diplomat, Felicity offers a range of services to help you and your dog work better together – a passion that began at the age of 12.

“I’ve always loved and had dogs, and hiring a trainer for my own dog with all my pocket money at age 12 was my first exposure to that side of owning a dog,” she said.

“I learnt a lot about the thought process of dog psychology, how it works and what you’re doing to cause certain behaviours.

“I wanted to start this business because I would see people struggle with problems that I considered basic and easy to fix.”

Two years ago this business was just a dream, but then Felicity joined the Global Sisters – a ‘school’ for women to begin real planning and creation of their business ventures.

“I liked the idea of working with dogs but I never saw it really happening,” Felicity said.

“I wanted to explore the idea so I joined Global Sisters and during the process I got more passionate about it and thought ‘I could really do this’.

“You work on every aspect to do with building a business, plus the support, other ideas and conversations between people makes it a really good experience.

“I think the sister school is suited to all women; even if you don’t start your business right away, you can still go and learn and get inspired.

“Working with dogs is so rewarding, I had a client once with a dog that had severe behaviour problems and a vet had told them they had to put it down, but I worked with the dog and seeing it pass the stage where it had to be put down was an amazing feeling.

“It’s cases like that where I’m more passionate about the dogs having the life they deserve, than the owners and their problems; I do care about that as well, but for me it’s seeing the dog achieve things the owner didn’t know they would and being able to fit into a household the way they should.”

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