• Police disgusted by trashing of bushland

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    This was the awful sight which infuriated authorities and members of the public yesterday. Police are investigating the use of bushland in the heart of Wangaratta as a makeshift dump.

    WANGARATTA police are following leads to catch those responsible for the illegal dumping of a large quantity of rubbish in bushland off Faithfull Street.

    The rubbish consisted of 10 mattresses, oscillating fans, heater, furniture, clothing and general waste.

    It was dumped on the secluded road above the King River, near the North East Water pumping station and Pioneer Cemetery some time on or before Monday evening.

    Leading Senior Constable Anthony Handley of Wangaratta police described the act as “disgusting”.

    He said there were several items that offer information as to the identity of the offender or offenders.


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