Local trout cod star in documentary-style film

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INVASIVE: The average size of the European carp that can be found in our waterways is causing harm to the native trout cod. Terry Berry displays one of the carp removed from the Ovens River near Wangaratta yesterday. PHOTO: Emma Hillier

THE Arthur Rylah Institute, with Griggmedia, began filming on the Ovens River near Wangaratta yesterday for a documentary style film recording the history of trout cod in local waterways.

The film aims to promote awareness of the history of trout cod and their population struggles since the 1980’s, leading to the species becoming threatened.

The 10-15 minute long documentary will look at electro-fishing, other native species in the waterways, why the trout cod was under threat and what steps community and federal and state wide, were taken to educate communities.

Speaking on the bank of the Ovens River, scientific consultant Kim-Leang Loeun told the Wangaratta Chronicle that the removal of European carp from waterways is vital to the survival of trout cod, as the carp will destroy the habitat and push out native fish.

“Trout cod need running water and high oxygen to live, and carp create the opposite, murky waters that trout cod gills don’t cope well with,” he said.

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