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    CRIME SCENE: Police inspect the torched remains of the Ford Maverick vehicle under the King River bridge on Wilson Road yeserday morning. PHOTO: Jeff Zeuschner

    ERIC Douthie wants the ‘mongrels’ who stole his prized possession from his Wangaratta driveway, then senselessly torched and destroyed it under the King River bridge on Wilson Road yesterday morning, to pay for their heartless crime.

    The Docker Street resident, who is recovering from bowel cancer surgery, said the theft and destruction of his Ford Maverick work vehicle he has painstakingly customised for his asbestos removal business over the past three years, is “one big kick in the guts”.

    “Whoever the culprits are they’re lower than a snake’s belly,” an emotional Mr Douthie told the Wangaratta Chronicle, while observing the charred remains of his vehicle being hauled away.

    “To pinch someone elses vehicle from their home, particularly a work vehicle relied upon for a livelihood, then senselessly torch it hours later, is a mongrel act.

    “There isn’t a lot of intellect involved here and I hope those lowlifes responsible are caught and punished.”

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