Ben’s adventures leave boredom at the door

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ADVENTURE MAN: Wangaratta man Ben Kain runs Families Vs Wild, an outdoor expedition organisation, to share his passion for the environment with parents and children. PHOTO: Kylie Wilson

BEN Kain has always been more interested in tuning in to the natural world than to a television.

Growing up as an only child, Ben often found himself spending time in the outdoors exploring and developing a keen love for the environment during family camping trips.

“I was pretty lucky while I was growing up, my parents were teachers so every school holidays we would go camping with their friends,” the Wangaratta man said.

“Ever since I can remember we were off for two or three weeks at a time exploring all different corners of Australia.

“I find those places just fascinating, you can look at a simple tree and a whole story will unfold.”

Ben spent the last 12 years taking groups on wilderness expeditions for 30 to 90 days at a time to help them develop important outdoor skills.

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