Hope remains for river reopening

Nets and booms used to clean up crash debris
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NET WORTH: The incident recovery team works to set up a net along the Ovens River downstream from last Thursday’s truck crash to catch some of the 40-tonnes of cargo the vehicle was carrying. PHOTO: Steve Kelly

INCIDENT control in charge of containing fallout from a truck crash in the Ovens River are hoping the waterway will be reopened to the public by the end of the week.

Contractors are still working to contain 40 tonnes of grocery produce a truck was carrying when it plummeted into the river off the Hume Freeway last week.

Incident controller Andy Miller said corn, garlic bread and eggs were just a few items in the cargo and although there are no health concerns to the public, the river has been declared off-limits.

Mr Miller said trigger points will inform a decision to reopen the river, based on how much rubbish they get out this week and amounts of large debris accumulated that might cause problems for boats.

“I’m hoping it (river reopening) will be in the next few days, when our main on-water operations wind up,” Mr Miller told the Wangaratta Chronicle.

“Resources are always an issue for us and we don’t have an unlimited supply of trained people and because of the nature of this one there are fewer people who can operate in this area.

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