It takes two for Lauren and Julie

PHOTO: Emma Hillier
EXTRA HELP: Lauren Peters and Julie Batey’s prep students are blossoming thanks to their joint guidance. PHOTO: Emma Hillier

TOO many chefs spoil the broth, but two teachers can certainly work.

Oxley Primary School’s prep class has this year been taught by recent graduate Lauren Peters and experienced staff member Julie Batey.

They were led to teaching careers by their love of working with kids, being able to help and make a difference to the students and their learning.

The pair agrees having an extra set of eyes in the room has made it easier to ensure all students are heard every day.

“The children love learning, they have their learning goals on their tables and they focus on those,” Julie said.

“We’re flexible because of our staffing arrangement that I can leave the room in the afternoon and give some extra help to students who might need extra assistance.”

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