Future teachers assessed on their personal attributes

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I DREAM OF TEACHING: Galen Catholic College graduate, Emma Gamble, plans to study science and teaching in Ballarat next year. PHOTO: Freyja Postlethwaite

STATE Government has partnered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching to give students access to high quality teachers.

The Victorian Government this year introduced new selection framework for all teaching courses taking applications for next year to raise entry standards and ensure suitable candidates from diverse backgrounds enter the teaching profession.

Eight tertiary institutions have adopted the CASPer test, which assesses students’ personal qualities, including their motivation to teach, communication skills, willingness to learn and resilience.

CASPer aims to ensure future teachers have strong interpersonal skills and non-academic capacities in addition to their academic knowledge.

The online test’s 12 sections follow video or word based scenarios with three open ended questions, which the applicant is allowed five minutes to answer.

Students were required to complete the test by the end of November to ensure consideration for the first round of offers from universities.

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