Golf clubs’ talks on sport’s future reach an impasse

DISCUSSIONS between Wangaratta’s two golf clubs about the sport’s future in the city have again reached an impasse.

The Wangaratta and Jubilee clubs recently agreed to participate in an independent review, which involved their boards working with Golf Victoria and Golf Business Advisory Services (GBAS) on a joint steering committee to consider all options for the future of local golf.

It was a move initiated by Wangaratta Golf Club, which invited Jubilee to be part of the review, as both had concerns about the effect of mounting operational and financial pressures on their sustainability.

However, Wangaratta Golf Club president Rob Holloway said GBAS consultant Jeff Blunden had advised the group of potential issues that could arise from one of the options being explored.

“We received advice that there were some potential issues, and what that did was reduce the options available to us,” Mr Holloway said.

“If Wangaratta was to move up the hill to Jubilee, there were some issues related to the potential value of the residual land.

“If Jubilee was to come down the hill, the issue was taking that to members as the only option.

“As such, it would have been foolhardy to put our club, and any combined club, at risk, so the information caused the discussions to be placed on hold.

“It was just reality, and our job as a board is to make sure the club isn’t at risk; if we had gone down that road, both clubs could have been at risk.”

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