Age no factor for Emma’s talent

PHOTO: Emma Hillier
KARAOKE QUEEN: At only 15 years old, Emma Christie has already performed alongside iconic rock band Spiderbait, proving her move from SingStar to singing lessons was a smart decision. PHOTO: Emma Hillier

YOU might wonder where you recognise Wangaratta’s Emma Christie from.

It could be from any of her four performances during the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz this year, including as part of the Horns of Death supporting Australian rock band Spiderbait.

But Emma’s musical talent dates back eight years to when she started playing the piano at just seven years of age.

Since then, she picked up a microphone at 10 and a trumpet at 12 and has continued to develop into something of a performance prodigy.

“I’ve always loved music, I started with the piano and it was just very calming for me,” the 15 year old recalled.

“I’m pretty sure I started getting singing lessons because I couldn’t stop playing SingStar, I am a bit of a beast on the karaoke.”

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