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    STRAPPED IN: Coby Saunders was so badly hurt that she needed to be airlifted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

    A YOUNG Wangaratta couple have told of their horrifying experience after the car they were driving veered off a Mt Buffalo roadside last Saturday.

    Coby Saunders and Nick Bell’s camping plans in Abbeyard came to an abrupt and terrifying end when their car lost traction around a corner and dove off the mountainside.

    Mr Bell, who was driving the car at the time, said he was “coming round the right hand corner, keeping out wide in case of any oncoming traffic, when the two passenger side wheels slid off the side of the road”.

    “The car was half on, half off the road, but as soon as it stopped, the weight of it caused the car to roll,” he told the Wangaratta Chronicle.

    “The window smashed on the first roll, which is why we’ve got all the glass cuts.”

    Ms Saunders said she was flung out of the passenger side window after the car first rolled, however, Nick was trapped behind the driving wheel and he didn’t escape until he was thrown out further down the mountain.

    “Nick ended up a few hundred metres down,” she said.

    “I stood up, wiped my swollen face and I was just screaming out to him, waiting for him to reply.

    “All our stuff was scattered everywhere – the car ended up around 400 metres down the mountain.”

    Enduring serious pain, the pair forced themselves to climb up the steep mountainside on their bloodied hands and knees.

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