All candidates to accept…

- Ashlee Fitzpatrick

ASHLEE Fitzpatrick might be the youngest female ever elected to a Victorian council if she is successful at next Monday’s Victorian Electoral Commission recount.

Rural City of Wangaratta councillor Ruth Amery passed away suddenly last month and an extraordinary recount will be held to determine her replacement from the six unelected City Ward candidates at last year’s election.

Ms Fitzpatrick, who is now 19 years old, is one of the front runners to be elected to council and she has confirmed that she will accept the position if preference votes go her way.

She received 8.89 per cent of first preference votes but whether she is elected or not comes down to the redistributed first preference votes Cr Amery received, along with votes she got via preferences.

“I was shocked to hear of Ruth’s passing and condolences to Ruth’s family and friends, she was fantastic for women as the only female councillor,” Ms Fitzpatrick said.

“We really do need a female advocate on council and if that were to be me I would hope that I’d do just as good of a job as Ruth and hopefully she’d be proud in what I can do.”

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