Ricky a cut above the rest

LOOKIN’ GOOD: Although Ricky Jefferies has had a taste in many different industries, the intricate history and conversational comforts of barbering has tied him down. PHOTO: Emma Hillier

BARBERING is back in a big way, at least for Wangaratta apprentice Ricky Jefferies.

Ricky’s great, great grandfather’s profession remained a constant potential next step for him as he trialled a number of other careers.

It wasn’t until he saw a position as a barber’s apprentice advertised for the third time that he decided to throw his hat in the ring.

“I saw the job advertised three times in a row so the third time I decided to apply, that was a bit of a lucky charm,” the 23 year old said.

“Barbering is becoming big again, I was motivated to apply to bring back a bit of that history and keep the art alive.

“Before I had thoughts saying maybe it’s too feminine or I can’t do that, but now I’m here doing it I am really enjoying myself and know this is what I want to do.”

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