Right of choice

Victorian Euthanasia Bill takes another step forward

WANGARATTA state MP Tim McCurdy (MLA, Ovens Valley) said he voted against the assisted dying legislation because of concerns over the Bill, not on religious grounds.

The Bill, which was initially voted on late Wednesday evening with 49-36 (one abstention) in favour, was expected to pass formally last night after a line-line consideration and debate on further amendments.

“I and many like me voted against it not on the principle but with a number of concerns over the Bill itself,” Mr McCurdy told the Wangaratta Chronicle late yesterday.

“We support the concept of assisted dying but there were just too many concerns over the legislation.

“I support choices.”

He said there was still room for changes to be made during yesterday’s debate but late yesterday afternoon he expected it would most likely pass officially by the end of the day with few if any changes to Wednesday night.

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