Count back from the start

Candidates’ original primary votes will not be counted

PREFERENCES COUNT: A count back of Cr Ruth Amery's preferences will be used to determine her replacement on council following her sad passing last week.

ALL unsuccessful Wangaratta city ward candidates in the 2016 election have an equal chance to be elected to council prior to a count back that will take place on November 13.

Councillor Ruth Amery sadly passed away last Thursday night at 66 years of age, news that shocked the Wangaratta community.

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) confirmed on Friday that a count back would be held to discover Cr Amery’s replacement on council.

However, the electoral system in place to find her replacement will not factor in first preference votes that each of the six unsuccessful candidates received during the 2016 election period, meaning that everyone starts at zero votes.

VEC senior communications officer Christine Gounder explained the count back process.

“In a count back first preference votes for the vacating councillor are redistributed to unsuccessful councillors and votes that came to the councillor via preferences are also redistributed according to the voters’ preferences,” she said.

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