Firefighter’s close call

SLOW DOWN: CFA members remind motorists to slow down to 40km/h when approaching the scene of an emergency and they see flashing lights..

A WANGARATTA CFA brigade member was almost killed by a passing motorist when responding to a call out yesterday morning.

The firefighter was exiting the fire truck parked on the shoulder of Glenrowan Road when a car passed him at twice the speed limit within 50cm of making contact.

A law is now in place for all motorists passing an emergency services incident to travel at a maximum of 40km/h.

It has prompted Wangaratta CFA to remind motorists to slow down to 40km/h as soon as they see any emergency services vehicle with flashing lights on a roadside.

Leading firefighter Garth Lilley said the unit was responding to a burn-off and the truck was parked on the side of Glenrowan Road near Delloro Road.

“Some were slowing down, but the majority were travelling at well above the 40km/h zone that now applies to an emergency situation,” Mr Lilley said.

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