No words for Michelle’s love of books

PHOTO: Emma Hillier
FANTASY WORLDS: Michelle Delle Vergin has visited locations beyond imagination through the marvellous world of reading. PHOTO: Emma Hillier

MICHELLE Delle Vergin knows there is no better escape than that of a good book.

Michelle immersed herself in the world of books and opened her very own book shop in Merimbula which she ran for six years before moving to Wangaratta.

Now, the book enthusiast has opened another independent book shop of the same name, Booktique, on Reid Street.

Michelle has read “miles too many” books to ever put a number to it and encourages others to follow her example and dive into the world of literature.

“Reading opens doors into other worlds, particularly for children,” she said.

“Children need to be able to connect with their imagination and with the wider world, it is important they have a way to do that and you can be as escapist as you want to be with books.

“You can live another life when you read; you can lose yourself in the story and be someone else for a little while.”

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