It’s a sweet ride for Wendy

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TREAT YOURSELF: Award winning pastry chef Wendy Siperki is truly wild at heart, as she spends her down time dirt bike riding. PHOTO: Kylie Wilson

THE delicious desserts Wendy Siperki makes working as a pastry chef may be the only things sweeter than her.

Wendy originally wanted to study nursing at university, but never looked back after she decided to work in a bakery during her gap year.

“I grew up on a farm so what else was there to do but cook,” she laughed.

“If I count back I probably started out as a pastry chef around 15 years ago.

“It is such a creative industry and you get to work with really good people.

“Of course I get the kids involved, my youngest Landon will come in to the bakery and help me decorate sometimes, and all three of them love decorating.”

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