• Lawn take out grand final

    Rob Voss delivers a backhand shot. PHOTO: Emma Hillier

    THE Barr Reserve tennis complex was the venue of the NERTA grand finals and with grey skies and rain early the Hardcourt committee were out early sweeping the courts in preparation for the afternoon’s matches.
    As the day progressed the clouds began to clear and eventually a produced a good day for tennis.

     Section one
    Wangaratta Lawn played their cross town rivals Wangaratta Hardcourt and the word on the street during the week was that Hardcourt were turning up and ready to go.

    The Lawn women opened proceedings with two impressive wins but the Hardcourt men fought back with two of their own to level the sets.

    The Hardcourt women regrouped for the crossover sets and pushed Lawn to the brink in both sets but the experience of the Lawn women prevailed.

    The men ventured on the courts and Hardcourt were confident of gaining the two men’s sets but once again it was Paul Knowles and Robert Voss that turned the tables as was the case two years earlier when they walked off 8-3 winners and the ascendancy was now with Lawn.

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