Sue helping broaden students outlook

CONNECTING WITH STUDENTS: Carraragarmungee Primary School teacher Sue McGregor enjoys seeing children learn another language and is pictured with students (back, from left) Belle Kinbacher, Nellie Thiele, Georgie Canning, (from, from left) Audrey Peacock, Isabelle Hooper and Emily Curran. PHOTO: Caitlin Sartori

DRIVEN by the desire to communicate with others, Sue McGregor has helped a small rural school take leaps and bounds.

Carraragarmungee Primary School, where Sue has been a teacher for 23 years, has a unique language program given its size with about 40 students currently enrolled.

The long term Oxley resident who began her teaching career at Oxley Primary School in 1992, started at Carraragarmungee in 1993 as a visiting music teacher with a program between the five surrounding schools, at the time.

“That program was disbanded because the other schools closed, with Carraragarmungee the only one left so I became a classroom teacher with some study in Indonesian and teaching English as a second language,” said Sue.

“I enjoy the different cultures, I think it is so nice to be able to communicate with others… I think you have a better understanding of the person if you can understand some of the language.

“I decided on learning Indonesian as I’ve enjoyed travelling in Asian countries…it is a fairly simple language to learn and they are our closest neighbours.”

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