Petrol price rollercoaster

30 cent turnaround continues to fuel call for ‘fairer’ deal

PETROL was cheaper in Wangaratta yesterday than it was in Melbourne.

Fuel outlets were charging between 118.9 and 119.9 cents per litre for unleaded in Wangaratta yesterday, while Melbourne outlets were charging an average of 128.5 cents per litre.

It was essentially a turnaround of 30 cents per litre from the trend of the last eight months, when regional motorists have been paying 20 cents per litre more for petrol than their metropolitan counterparts.

The momentarily cheaper Wangaratta fuel price came on the same day Cathy McGowan (MHR, Indi) used an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) report to call on the government to do more to address the inequity in fuel prices between the city and the country.

The ACCC last week released its first quarterly petrol report of 2015, after Small Business Minister Bruce Billson directed it to monitor and analyse fuel markets for three years.

The report shows a comparison between major Australian cities and a regional centre from each state, with Benalla the centre picked out for Victoria.

It showed that in between July last year and January this year the average price discrepancy between metropolitan areas and Benalla rose from 5.2 cents per litre (in July) to 20 cents per litre (in December), while the difference was 19.6 cents per litre in January this year.

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