Father saves his baby girl

Mum gives birth on roadside in dramatic fashion
MIRACLE FAMILY: They’re safe at home now but last Monday morning was a different story for Renayee Holt, who gave birth to her daughter Lavina by the side of the road, with the help of her husband Karl Braun and their three year old son Kayleb. PHOTO: Caitlin Sartori

THE baby was blue, not breathing and an umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck.

It was just after midnight and a young family were by the side of the road, halfway between Cheshunt and Wangaratta, with an ambulance still 20 minutes away.

Karl Braun had just delivered his daughter into the world, but his battle had only just begun.

He listened to the instructions being relayed by a paramedic over the phone, loosening the umbilical cord, putting the baby on its side and cleaning mucus from the its nostrils and mouth, while his partner, Renayee Holt, came in and out of consciousness, after giving birth.

Then after a couple of minutes, Lavina Rose Braun breathed her first breath.

Some 20 minutes later the ambulance arrived to find mother and daughter in good health.

All this happened in the early hours of Monday morning last week.

And now Renayee, back in Cheshunt, wants the world to know how much of a hero Karl is.

“It would have been so scary – I wouldn’t have been able to do it,” she said.

“I think he’s a hero.”

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