Slippery customer slithers in, gives Reid St florist the creeps

AHHH: Ashlee Bosch keeps an eye out for snakes after a close encounter with a red bellied black snake on Friday. PHOTO: Luke Plummer

AN uninvited customer slithered into Dutch Connection florist in Reid Street on Friday.

The metre long red bellied black snake was apparently looking for a gift, as it made its way through the teddy bear section of the shop first, before heading to the counter.

Terrified shopkeeper Ashlee Bosch said the snake then went around the back of the counter (which Ashlee had by then vacated) and under some shelves.

“I’ve never been that close to a snake before,” she said.

The snake had entered the shop through the Reid Street entrance and may have been in the area for a few days before plucking up the courage to enter the shop.

“On Wednesday a customer said he’d seen a snake in the bushes out the front, so we called the snake catcher, but they couldn’t find anything,” Ashlee said.

“Then on Friday a customer said ‘don’t move, a black snake is about to come into your shop’.

“It was at the door, then turned its head and came into the shop.”

“I didn’t compute how big it would be – it was pretty big and had a really brilliant red belly.”

The snake catcher returned on Friday to remove the snake and Ashlee said the teddy bear section of the shop is now snake free.

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