Vera makes it ‘Kool Art for Kids’

School-aged kids will be using their imaginations this week to create unique works of art filled with color and texture, with the guidance of experienced teachers including Vera Rubega, as part of Kool Arts for Kids at the Wangaratta Art Gallery. PHOTO: Luke Plummer

THE Wangaratta Art Gallery’s school holiday workshops are giving kids the chance to learn new skills and develop their creativity in all kinds of cool ways.

This year the annual summer program includes an introduction to the ancient art of origami and a session exploring the technique of collage, which instructor and former art teacher Vera Rubega is really looking forward to.

“My background is in drawing, printmaking and mosaics and I’ve run and mosaic workshop in the past, but the gallery’s school holiday program really draws on the expertise and experience of each different instructor,” she said.

“In this session we will be learning how to create a landscape by following some basic design principles, but it’s also about playing around with different materials, colors and textures.

“We’ll be cutting shapes out and gluing them down, and the kids can make it as fun or as interesting as they like, because there are no real rules and it’s the end result that counts.”

“It’s about combining lots of different elements together to make a pleasing composition.”

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