Some fun before the VCE exams

A LITTLE FUN: Students (from left) Bek Montgomery, Sophie Murrell, Oliva Gourley and Kiandra Higgins were in the spirit of muck-up day at Galen Catholic College on Friday, with their last formal VCE classes today. PHOTO: Luke Plummer

VCE exams are just around the corner, but year 12 students at Galen Catholic College celebrated the near-completion of 13 years of school with an organised muck-up day last Friday.

An array of creative costumes included celebrity impersonations, cartoon, movie and fictional characters spurring on fond memories of childhood.

Formal VCE classes conclude today for both Galen and Wangaratta High School, while Cathedral College will formally finish on Friday.

Written exams will begin on October 30 with English, while exams with a performance or oral component officially began on October 3.

Ange Perry and Sarah Tossol

Sarah McMonigle and Emma Witham impersonated Bill and Ben The Flowerpot Men.

Bek Montgomery, Sophie Murrell, Oliva Gourley and Kiandra Higgins. PHOTOS: Luke Plummer

Georgie Fisher, Milli Gunner, Rose Sartori and Tamara Vaughan soaked.

Tayla Ward and Laura McMillan dressed ironically as school girls.

Matthew Adamo (left) was classic Where’s Wally, while Allie North came dressed as Madeline.

Gabriella Tonini

Hazel Vaughan

Sammy O’Brien and Emily Lewis

Damien Albertson, Drew Hiskins, Will Keenan and Ben Jose imitated the movie Cool Runnings.

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