Indi voters can get in early, now

EARLY VOTER: Laura Gunkel of Milawa was one of the first Indi residents to cast her election vote in Wangaratta yesterday morning. PHOTO: Luke Plummer

THERE are still more than two weeks until the federal election, but if you have already made up your mind, you can vote now.

A rush of voters have already completed their ballot forms since the Australian Electoral Commission office in Murphy Street opened for voting yesterday morning.

Divisional returning officer, Jennifer Essex, said all Australian voters can lodge their ballots at the office or pick up a postal vote form.

“There is a growing trend in Victoria of people doing early voting,” she said.

From Monday, early voters can go to the electoral office at 52 Norton Street, across from Wangaratta Railway Station.

Ms Essex warned anyone planning to go to the snow on September 7 to vote early or on the way because there is no polling on the mountains in Victoria.

For more information on early voting, visit

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