‘Vindication’ for Lisa

BITTERSWEET: Lisa McInerney said the findings, while vindicating her position, may have come too late for council.

VINDICATION has come for former councillor, Lisa McInerney.

Personal details of her battles with depression and anxiety while on council have been revealed in the findings of the councillor conduct panel.

The process of going through the panel hearing was one of the reasons that tipped Ms McInerney to the point of resigning.

In the document it reveals that at one point Ms McInerney left the panel hearing in tears, after having her medical condition questioned by Councillor Julian Fidge.

“He accused me of faking an illness and making a fraudulent WorkCover claim,” she told The Chronicle yesterday.

“I was highly stressed at the time and trying to hold back a panic attack.

“I had to run out of the room.”

That would be the lowest point of Ms McInerney’s time on council.

Yesterday, she was feeling a whole lot better, saying the panel findings vindicated her position.

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