Two-month suspension for Cr Fidge

Cr Julian Fidge

COUNCILLOR Julian Fidge will be suspended for two months, after the findings of the first councillor conduct panel were handed down.

Cr Fidge has already indicated he will challenge the findings at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) but the Chronicle understands the suspension will come into effect regardless, starting next Friday.

The findings relate to a raft of complaints made against Cr Fidge by fellow councillors Tammy Atkins, Don Joyce, former councillor Lisa McInerney and Mayor, Rozi Parisotto.

The Chronicle has seen the entire decision handed down by the panel, which lists numerous findings of misconduct against Cr Fidge.

It directs that he undertake a leave of absence from his duties as councillor for two months, commencing from two days after the tabling on the panel’s determination at the ordinary meeting of council.

That would put Cr Fidge out of action from next Friday.

The report also directs Cr Fidge to undertake counselling on five occasions.

In its conclusion the panel states Cr Fidge has shown an ongoing pattern of conduct which demonstrates, among other things:

  • an unreasoned belief that in any issue he is right;
  • that those that oppose him are motivated by ignorance and malice; and
  • that he has a mission to remake the council in his preferred image.

Cr Fidge has issued a media release in response to the findings, indicating he will challenge the report. Click here to read the full release.

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