Meet the new Katter candidate

HE doesn’t like the Greens and wants Australia to turn its back on free trade.

Meet Phil Rourke (pictured), the Indi candidate for Katter’s Australian Party.

The Beechworth shearer, 47, has stepped up for the party after former candidate, Lee Luvara stepped aside for personal reasons.

While he hasn’t met KAP founder and party namesake, Bob Katter, Mr Rourke said he was passionate about the new party.

“I’m completely disillusioned with the present government and the alternative,” he said.

“And I’m very unhappy with the way the Greens have influenced the major parties.

“I’ve had enough and what really spurred me on was the Labor leadership change.

“It smacks of disrespect – they’ve cheapened the office of the Prime Minister with their behavior.”

As for policies, Mr Rourke is against the Murray Darling Basin Plan, wants more done to stop the spread of illicit drugs and has fully backed the protectionist stance of KAP.

For more on Mr Rourke, read Wednesday’s Chronicle.

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