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COUNCIL DISMISSAL? Inspector to stay an extra month as minister cites ‘ongoing, unresolved problems’

LOCAL Government Minister, Jeanette Powell, has pleaded for community patience as she prepares to decide if council should be dismissed.

Mrs Powell yesterday announced she would extend the tenure of Municipal Inspector Peter Stephenson by a month, to provide stability to the Rural City of Wangaratta.

Mr Stephenson is due to hand down his final report on the council, and that will contain clear recommendations for the minister to act on.

His term overseeing the council was due to finish yesterday but was extended by the minister at the last minute.

She said the decision to extend his term was made due to “the ongoing and unresolved nature of some of the problems and investigations at council”.

Those issues include the staff situation (all but one of the corporate management team are on sick leave) and, in Minister Powell’s words, the “behavior” of councillors.

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