Lappin out of election race after heart attack

LUCKY TO BE ALIVE: Alan Lappin suffered a heart attack last Thursday and has been forced to pull out of the race for Indi.

BOORHAMAN North’s Alan Lappin has been forced to pull out of the race for Indi, after suffering a heart attack.

The former independent candidate is lucky to be alive after suffering the major heart attack while in Melbourne last Thursday.

Despite the setback he still intended to run as an independent candidate in the September 7 federal election, but doctor’s advice on Monday made him make the tough call to pull out.

“I still have a severely blocked major artery and require more surgery,” Mr Lappin told the Chronicle from his hospital bed at Royal Melbourne.

“The surgeon has told me I need to be as quiet as possible over the next month.

“I was going to give it a shot but I need to consider my family.”

As for the heart attack, Mr Lappin was travelling in a car with his wife in Melbourne when he felt extreme pains and a numb, tingly feeling in his arms and hands.

“My wife looked at me and said I was as white as a sheet; I knew I was in trouble and at that point my wife made the decision to turn the car back to get me to hospital.

“She decided to pull onto the curb and call an ambulance; a truly smart decision.

“The ambulance arrived in about 10 minutes and loaded me up and began running tests, then realising I was having a probable heart attack they rushed me to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

“Within minutes of reaching the hospital I was surrounded by a team of nurses, doctors and  surgeons; even though I was in a lot of pain and knew there was a real possibility that I may be witnessing my last moments I could not help but absolutely admire this incredible effort to save my life.”

Mr Lappin underwent two hours of surgery and was later told he would have died if he’d been 10 minutes later arriving at emergency.

He said he was amazed at the efforts of all the hospital staff and wanted to warn other people to look out for the signs of heart attack.

“I strongly encourage everyone and anyone to talk to their doctor about any pain, ache or burning,” he said.

“Because luck is not always on your side, before you know it your life and that of your family could be turned upside down in a minute.”

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