Parking shortage: complaints rise

BUSY BUSY: Parking in Ovens Street has been at a premium due to the Co-Store upgrade. PHOTO: Luke Plummer

A YARRAWONGA woman has sworn off returning to Wangaratta after copping a parking fine out the front of the Co-Store.

Julie Preer received the fine during the school holidays when she took five children to the Wangaratta Cinema Centre.

She had parked in a parking space with a one hour limit in Ovens Street, but says she was left with no choice, due to the lack of other spaces.

“I had five kids with me and I was already running late for the movie,” Mrs Preer said.

“It’s not so easy to take five kids to the toilet and get their movie tickets in the middle of the school holidays.”

Mrs Preer attempted to get her $62 parking fine waived, but was unsuccessful.

She said she would now take her business to Albury.

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