Venue found for derby

La Trobe expected to host the rescheduled Red Devils, Myrtleford clash

WANGARATTA City and Myrtleford to come to an agreement as early as today as to when last Sunday’s postponed match will be played.

WANGARATTA City and Myrtleford are expecting to come to an agreement as early as today as to when last Sunday’s postponed Albury/Wodonga Football Association match will be played.

Heavy rain last Thursday, Friday and Saturday forced officials to call off Sunday’s hugely anticipated derby with the ground deemed unsafe to play.

To catch up, the match has to be played on a Wednesday night and South Wangaratta unable to host night matches, the teams had to find a suitable venue.

Myrtleford had offered to host the match but being a Wangaratta City home game, the Red Devils want the match played on the border.

Wangaratta City coach Jon Shaw said the teams were expecting to play each other some time in August most likely at Wodonga Diamonds’ home ground of La Trobe University.

“We’ve spoken to Diamonds and they have given us three dates when the ground is available,” he said.

“We’ll take those to Myrtleford and get them to pick one.

“I think the dates were August 7, August 14 and August 21 – we can play any of those nights.”

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