Saleyard revenue at a five year low

MONEY IN MARKET: Prime cattle were averaging healthy prices of 190 cents/kg at last week’s sales, up 15 cents/kg on prices two months ago, largely due to the lower Aussie dollar and the revitalised export market. PHOTO: Steve Kelly

A DECLINE in the export cattle market through the Wangaratta Saleyards in 2012-13 has brought the lowest turnover since the drought broke in 2010.

In the boom year of 2010-11 some 30,213 head of prime cattle were sold at Wangaratta, 4502 more than last financial year.

The bumper 2010-11 period raked in $26.26m through the fat market, some $6.84m more than the most recent figure.

This reflects prime cattle sales have a lot to do with the turnover variance.

Overall $40.12m was made in 2010-11, compared to $26.84m turned over at the Wangaratta exchange last year.

The high Aussie dollar is to blame for the downturn in sales through the cattle export market, seen across multiple industries.

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