ETS divides Indi candidates

‘Scaremongering’ claims as election campaign heats up

ROBYN Walshe, has described Sophie Mirabella’s claims that Australians will be worse off under an ETS as "rubbish".

LABOR candidate for Indi, Robyn Walshe, has described Sophie Mirabella’s (MHR, Indi) claims that Australians will be worse off under an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) as “rubbish”.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced this week that the carbon tax would be replaced by an ETS from July 1 next year if Labor is re-elected, bringing the price on carbon from an expected $25.40 per tonne to about $6/t.

He said the Federal Government would still provide cost of living relief, which would be $380 per year for an average family in 2014/15.

But Mrs Mirabella said the cost of living will continue to rise and cost pressures on business will continue to build.

“Julia Gillard’s carbon tax was a bad tax, but Kevin Rudd’s ETS is an even worse tax,” she said.

Ms Walshe said she is still waiting for the Labor Party to release details of how the ETS would specifically affect residents, and accused Mrs Mirabella of scaremongering.

“I don’t know how she can say that when the details haven’t been released,” she said, adding the tax relief will still be there.

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