Lindsay ‘fesses up, 58 years on

Man wants to make good on tree chop

TREE THIEF: Almost 60 years ago Lindsay Morrison sawed down a pine tree in Golf Links Lane, between City Oval and the Showgrounds. PHOTO: Luke Plummer

A FORMER Wangaratta resident who stole a pine tree in his youth has returned with a plan to replace the missing tree.

Lindsay Morrison, now of Toowoomba, Queensland plans to confess his crime to the Rural City of Wangaratta council in an effort to plant a new tree in the gap in Golf Links Lane.

“I thought it was about time I ‘fessed up to it,” Mr Morrison said.

A Vietnam veteran and retired Queensland public servant, Mr Morrison said the decision to take the tree back in 1955 as a 12 year old, was fairly simple.

“It was just Christmas time and I went looking around for a tree,” he said.

“It was that small I used a little fret saw and we used it for a Christmas tree – it was ideal.

“I think I got a bit of a hiding for it, actually I’m sure I did, but we kept the tree.”

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