Fire destroyed home, but Rovers help restore joy

Everton couple look to rebuild

TREASURE REPLACED: Bert Dyer receives a replacement Wangaratta Rovers Football Club membership medallion from club stalwart Pat Flynn. PHOTO: Luke Plummer

WHEN fire destroyed his Everton home last month, there were many losses that took a toll on Bert Dyer.

The home itself was a 120 year old building that served as the district’s original post office.

And, as a keen genealogical researcher for many years, Mr Dyer lost an estimated 160 years of work, some of which was handed down from his father.

Margaret, his wife of 60 years, lost treasured paintings, and heirloom jewellery with untold monetary and sentimental value.

And as a dedicated Wangaratta Rovers supporter since the club’s inception, Bert had also kept a wealth of Hawks memorabilia, including every one of his membership cards, which were also reduced to ashes.

“There’s things you had and suddenly something comes into your head and you realise it’s all just memories now,” he said.

“The fire was that hot and fast that 11 fire brigades couldn’t get hold of it, though the work those fellas did was terrific.”

But there are some things that can be replaced.

In response to an approach from the Dyer family, and though they are no longer produced, a replacement medallion was unearthed to ensure Bert had at least some tangible piece of his long history supporting the club.

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