Circus has real animal appeal

SEALED WITH A KISS: Merlin the miniature horse is happy to give his Circus Olympia trainer Carlos Gasser a kiss. PHOTO: Luke Plummer

TRICK ponies, performing cattle, ducks taking to slippery slides and talented donkeys will feature in Circus Olympia’s stellar shows.

Boasting international experience and an array of acts, the family-owned circus features artists from Portugal, Kazakhstan, Russia and Switzerland.

Circus Olympia is one of the first circuses in Australia to conduct a farmyard animal review, with gifted, out of the ordinary creatures featuring throughout the show.

Horse trainer at Circus Olympia, Carlos Gasser, said he had only been training circus horses for four years, after being an ex-circus performer himself.

“It is something I really enjoy, and it is a passion of mine, it is my life,” he said.

The circus is situated at Batchelor’s Green, with a show at 7.30pm tonight, and performances daily until Sunday.

The circus heads to  Albury next week.

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