Fair Work Commission statement

Statement from FWA deputy president Greg Smith, June 13, 2013

Statement from FWA deputy president Greg Smith, June 13, 2013:

1. A conference was held today in the Commission involving a number of senior officers of the Rural City of Wangaratta, the Mayor Cr Rozi Parisotto (who represented the council) and Cr Fidge (who attended at the invitation of the Commission). Arising from the conference the parties have agreed:

  • There is a common commitment to continuing the employment of council staff within a safe workplace and all reasonably practical steps will continue to be taken to achieve this goal
  • For a period of three months (September 13, 2013) no party to this conference will make any public comment on the issues over which the conference was convened or which would involve personal or professional criticism of staff or councillors.

2. It is the intention of the parties in the coming three months to seek to resolve all issues in accordance with the processes and regime under the local Government Act 1989, the Wangaratta Rural city Council Enterprise Agreement 2011 and the contracts of employment. The Commission will be available to assist the parties at any stage during the process should it be requested. In any event I will sit in Wangaratta on 27 June to hear a report back on progress.

3. I note that council confirms that any conduct which is inconsistent with this statement is not condoned by it.

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