Wary of teen parties


HALL committees are refusing to hire venues to some teenagers, to avoid the type of damage that occurred at the Country Women’s Association (CWA) hall on the weekend.

Rural City of Wangaratta spokesman, Andrew Chuck, said hall committees are given discretion to choose who can use the buildings and are not obliged to hire them out.

“If we’re concerned that the facility might be damaged, then we can refuse to hire it or ask for a bigger bond,” he said.

The CWA hall was left with a broken door, toilet seat and blind after about 200 teenagers attended a party with lots of underage drinking on Saturday that had been promoted on Facebook.

It is alleged that while a 16 year old girl had been approved to hire the venue subject to filling out a form and paying a $200 bond, neither the form nor bond were forthcoming and the hall was broken into without keys.

Wangaratta Indoor Sports and Aquatic Centre manager, Maree Warnett, said she does have a policy of not hiring out the venue’s community hall for 18th birthday parties because of the risk of teenagers causing damage.

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