Former mayors ‘sad’

Events at Rural City of Wangaratta leave leaders of old wondering what’s wrong

ONE former mayor is “saddened”, and another describes last week’s events at Rural City of Wangaratta Council as a “catastrophe”.

Former city mayor and historian Bill O’Callaghan said he had seen nothing like the current in-fighting during his time in the council chambers.

“We got along generally very harmoniously, and worked as a team,” he said.

“I hope it doesn’t come to the situation where we have to get an administrator in; I hope the inspector is able to solve some of the problems, but if the in-fighting continues, that may be the only alternative.

“Perhaps a new council selected in the short term will get along harmoniously.

“I deeply regret what’s happened… I am upset and saddened.

“The way the situation has been is quite untenable.”

Another former city mayor, Ken Clarke, said he was “more than disappointed” the Local Government Minister had been forced to appoint an inspector to oversee the workings of council.

“So many people have fought so hard to make Wangaratta a great place to live, work and set up business, and it just takes a couple of people with an agenda to bring it undone,” Mr Clarke said.

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